Posted by: mjtorn 4 years, 10 months ago

As many things dragged on in running the business, we decided to participate in the Adventure Jam 2018 competition. We did not expect it to be overtly easy, considering the tools we use hadn't been properly field-tested. We had no idea how hard it was going to be.

Before the jam started, I was diagnosed with kidney stones and my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

During the course of the jam, I had two rounds of ESWL - one near the beginning and one near the end - and a night spent at the hospital due to a clogged-up kidney.

My dad’s cancer got rapidly worse and he passed away in the middle of the competition, just as the deadline started to hit hard. The grief almost made me give up, but the last times we spoke, he was supportive of me making it in time to the competition.

I also have to say I’m extremely proud of the whole team who kept bringing the art in, even with me at the hospital or the hospice.

The submission deadline was in the wee hours of the morning local time, and there was practically zero time for play-testing. I was too busy slapping the pieces together before passing out due to fatigue.

After the competition there was a lot of bug-fixing involved. After that, a rewrite of all animation-related code. There's still stuff to do to get it out of Early Access. Soon...

Iron Sky: A Lunar Adventure Credits

(Slightly paraphrased off the dev blog post on Game Jolt.)