Posted by: mjtorn 5 years, 7 months ago

Fad Games has an interesting history. Its original incarnation was started around 2002 or so, with the intention of creating a platform for independent developers to publish their games and get community feedback. We even had ideas of the community escrowing money to fund games, with milestones for the developers to hit for releasing the escrow.

Maybe the business plan wasn't up to spec, maybe we didn't know the size of the indie market, or maybe it was too small at the time, but we couldn't get investment. Steam was just around the corner and Kickstarter didn't exist, so the investors let us know this is a business that might feed one or two developers. Tried that for a while, without much enthusiasm, and eventually moved on to different things.

Now we're back! With our sort of retro web layout and all!

This time as a game studio.

Expect to hear more!

Markus Törnqvist, Founder & Game Designer